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guide them to the correct use and maintenance

 a dirty place, use the eraser, rub off the dirt; one more shoe brush, spray special maintenance fluid, must not be applied shoe, shoe cream and finally in a cool and ventilated place to dry. Common quality problems and the maintenance of children's shoes what's wrong: how to accurately describe the common quality problems and is a salesman met product quality problems, handling consumer complaints and reactions to the Sales Department of basic common sense. There are 5 kinds of common quality problems: glue, broken, cross  nike free run 5.0 running shoes section, breaking the tongue, mesh fabric Ravel. Error prevention:How to care and maintenance trainers, not just consumers of things, it is an important service to our marketing staff. When consumers buy our products, we should introduce them "how to care and maintenance trainers", guide them to the correct use and maintenance

of sports shoes, and let them feel our quality service. In order to maintain the quality and appearance of a trainer you buy special offers the following cleaning, shade, and general maintenance instructions. Shade descriptions Note: all shoes should be cleaned and dried naturally after you can use shoe cream, shoe Polish or stain remover, when using these products, read manufacturers instructions. Dry packing paper in a greenhouse in the shoe or shoes placed on shoe nike free run 3 womens running shoes racks will help keep the shape of shoes, please do not use the forced drying methods such as: heating pipes, baking or placed directly on a fire of electric dryer, hair dryer or any direct heat source. Cleaning and care instructions leather using warm water and neutral SOAP, Scrub gently with a slightly damp, soft cloth, do not machine wash, do not rinse after dry, uniform wipe milk or shoes

shoe oil, use shoe polish to go with fabric or shoe cream. Light coloured running shoes or leather, fabric use the pervasive shoe cream. After the anti-fur and skin shade frosted, please use hair brush to dust, do not clean with water, this can cause dirt stained forever attached to the fabric. Artificial skin depends on what type of maintenance materials, follow the dermis, or scrub skin anti-fur fabric care instructions. Canvas and other materials using warm water and neutral SOAP, Scrub gently with a slightly damp, soft cloth, do not machine wash, do not rinse, please use a suitable cleaning canvas, and other fabric cleaner to remove stains. Introduction to children's shoes maintenance method I've told everybody before buying children'sShoe tips, now know that the tips of the shoes, as part of routine maintenance should not be neglected, and to teach


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