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because of fast drying easy to accelerate leather aging

shoes maintenance to pay attention to the following several points: 1, children's shoes should be regularly cleaned. Leather children's shoes, leather class product cleaning should be avoided in immersion, exposure or high temperature dried, so as to avoid aging, deformation and fading. Children's shoes on canvas using detergents when cleaning, use a soft brush,But should avoid excessive force and caused material damage or surrounding plastic on canvas, not exposure at high temperatures, it should be in a cool place to dry, avoid uppers and outsole materials aging and discoloration  nike zoom vapor 9.5 tour uk. 2 products, genuine leather children's shoes should be leather Polish regularly to ensure the resilience and brightness, glossy leather leather maintenance oil, White leather shoes leather maintenance oil or paint can be used on colourless shoe Polish. 3, children's shoes should avoid contact

with the weapon, also can no longer come into contact with chemicals, sewage, rainwater, shoes should always replace them. Children's shoes maintenance tips 1. shoes do not rain soaked brush, water, sunlight and fire, so as to avoid shoe deformation. 2. don't wear shoes when placed in a ventilated place, if a shoe store on the ground floor or the basement, as the soles of high, don't let the shoe box in direct contact with the ground to nike mid blazer womens prevent mildew. 3. If the shoes once it is soaking wet or wet, use a soft cloth to gently wipe and brush the dirt away from the uppers, and made paper newspapers work placed in the shoe, and put shoes in cool and ventilated places, air dry. Do not use a hair dryer, dryers or sunburn and other "quick method" because of fast drying easy to accelerate leather aging and shorten the life of shoes. 4.Shoes need proper rest, take turns every

day dress shoes shoe life can be extended. Specific maintenance methods and maintenance of different types of shoes premium calfskin, lambskin, use shoe wax maintenance, there should not be worn while doing strenuous exercise. Nubuck leather wipe with a slightly damp towel dust, soft brush dipped in a little mild soapy water to clean, can be placed in a ventilated place to dry. Oil leather with a dry cloth or shining upper wax for oil clean, avoid using ordinary shoe Polish and shoe Polish. Canvas please wash it with cold water, not drying. Weapon cleaning and maintenance of the brand of children's shoes for you kids don't know how to love your shoes, then naturally fell the burden of curing children's shoes in his mother's body. Mother were usually needs to child shoes do which nursing work does? in cleaning child shoes Shi, and has which note matters? child shoes of


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